Introducing the new ecostore baby oil...


"Feels great! Contains the best oils for baby's skin."

- Emma Randell

A gentle option that's safer for baby's skin, baby oil is the latest addition to our dermatologically tested baby range. With Black Currant and Almond Oils, it's soothing and moisturising.

You can use it to be kind to your own skin, too! It's free from mineral oil (a petrochemical-based ingredient), and the premium pump makes it great to use while holding your little one.

Tips for baby massage:

  • Create the right atmosphere. Keep the room quiet or have some soft music playing, make the temperature comfortable and make sure the lighting isn’t too bright.

  • Choose the ideal oil. The oil you use helps care for baby’s skin – our baby oil has black currant and almond oils to soothe and moisturise.

  • Try gentle strokes, circles and movement and observe your baby to see what they especially enjoy.

  • Have what you need on hand to keep them warm afterwards, like an organic cotton or merino swaddle or wrap.

Why ecostore Baby Oil?

- Laura

"...It rubs in easily and gently into baby's skin. Perfect for the treatment of cradle cap."

"It was great on my pregnant belly, and no stretch marks yet!!!"

"I enjoyed using it every few days for baby massages. Great product!!"

- Caitlyn

- Sarita